Thursday, October 2, 2008


We are trying to keep the price of the reunion as low as possible. That being said we would also like it to be a fun, memorable occasion. At the last 2 reunions, there have been classmates that have had to pay alot of their own money to make up the for the cost of the reunions. We will post here exactly what money is going where. As for the dinner, with set up costs and taxes, it should come out to about $17 per person (but well worth it). We are grateful to Jamie Olson and Olson's Garden Shoppe for allowing us to have the dinner there for free. This will save us alot of money. We do need to find chairs and tables. If anyone has access to tables and chairs please contact us. Otherwise, we will rent and thus add to the cost of the meal. Brent has given us several options for the family activity. Possibly, a Friday evening activity including a campfire and barbecue or a Saturday day activity on the farm. The price of the family activity is yet to be determined. It depends on what everyone wants to do. We would love to hear your opinion. So please leave a comment or e-mail us! We also would really like to get the word out via e-mail, this blog and Facebook. We will not be sending out letters through the mail. This would cost us nearly $200. So please help us to get the word out