Saturday, August 22, 2009

Extended RSVP date

If you go back a couple of posts you will see a big list of classmates that have not yet been contacted. We have found many off the list and are still looking for the rest. For this reason we are extending the deadline to pay for the class reunion dinner until Wednesday, Sept. 2nd. For this dinner you must pay in advance. At the last 2 reunions those in charge have been left paying a lot of their own money. We think you'll understand that we want to avoid this! You can pay here on the blog or e-mail Jamie at and she will e-mail you her home address and you can send her a check. If sending a check it must be mailed no later than Wednesday, Aug. 26th. We are giving you one more payment option for those that still live locally. You can drop off a check to Jamie's mom, Chris, at Olson's Garden Shop.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone. We currently have classmates coming from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, California and Nevada! It's going to be a great time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Class Reunion

Class Reunion
Saturday Sept 5th
Olson's Garden Shop 1190 W 400 N Payson
$21 per person
RSVP: pay here on the blog or email

Down on the Farm family activity
Friday Sept 4th
Brent Daley's farm 4524 W 8800 S Payson
$5 per plate or bring your own picnic dinner

Friday, August 14, 2009

Only 1 week left to pay!

Tickets for the Saturday night dinner must be paid for by Friday August 21st! Even if you have already RSVP'd that you are coming you must pay this week. You can pay here on the blog using paypal. If you've ever shopped on ebay you probably have a paypal account. If not, it's super easy and safe to use. Just click on the add to cart button. If you would rather pay with a check e-mail jamie at and she will send you her address. All checks must also be sent by next Friday.

Brent has put a lot of time and energy into planning the down on the farm family activity for Friday night. Please e-mail him and let him know if you are planning on attending and if you want to purchase his barbecue dinner that night for $5 per person.

Help us find.......

We have spent many hours trying to find all of you. We have called countless wrong numbers, left many messages, harassed many siblings and parents and googled many classmates. Despite our best detective work we have been left with a long list of classmates that we are unable to find their e-mail addresses. Please help us find:
Andy Adcock, Travis Ainge, Jody Anderson,
Gerit Asay, Burke Ballard, Tanya Ballard,
Ventura Bautista, Blair Bishop, Jon Buhler, Leah Bright,
Christine Brokaw, Dennis Brown, Leslie Burdick,
Tammy Butler, Eldon Carter, Ryan Chapman,
Grant Charles, Ashley Christensen, Kurt Coburn,
Sam Coombs, Lauralei Court, Allen Curtis,
Justin Dechamps, Jason Dewitt, William Eastwood,
Michelle Eagan, Sam Ellsworth, Summer Ercanbrack,
Sara Evans, Clarissa Ewell, Stacy Fernelius,
Robyn Finlinson, Yvonne Folk, Hillary Frazier,
Sandi Frisby, Ryan Fuller, Jeremy Gardner,
Melanie Gardner, Kristy Gates, Collene Gathercoal,
Kati Hair, Angie Hall, Kyle Hansen,
Ryan Hansen, Samantha Hansen, Joseph Haroldsen,
Joel Harward, Clint Haveron, Bryan Hayward,
Jason Holman, Emily Hone, Chris Hopkins,
Valden Hurst, Pat Jacobsen, Shawnee Jarvis,
Denya Jensen, Makala Jensen, Bryce Johnson,
Jeremy Jones, Mark Jones, Nathan Jorgensen,
Quinn Kelly, Robyn King, Dean Kingsley,
Brian Kingston, Jon Knight, Adam Kretchmer,
Patrick Laney, Robert Lee, Christie Lees,
Joel Lewis, Robyn Lowe, Shane Lyman,
Dustin Lundell, Christy Mack, Mike Manookin,
Glen Marvin, Dan McClellan, Mikel Mendenhall,
Lisa Meyer, Kristin Montague, Cory Moore,
Patricia Moosman, Lucy Munoz, Carolyn Nielson,
Greg O'Bryant, Kate Olsen, Kim Ottesen,
Amy Pay, Hank Peay, Arlan Peck, Aubrey Perine,
Mike Peterson, Ben Peterson, Jason Pokorny,
Sara Reynaud, Desiree Reynolds, Jared Rindlisbacher,
Stuart Riding, Trent Robinson, Sergio Ruiz,
Dustin Salmans, Sara Shute, Colby Smith,
Jared Smith, Chris Sorenson, Tyson Sparrow,
Natalie Spencer, Rushton Stevenson, Jeff Strain,
John Strong, Shane Taylor, Tiffany Taylor,
Tyron Tekala, Brian Thatcher, Jodie Thornton,
Tiffany Tidwell, Tyler Tippets, Eric Tischner, Jose Torres,
Jessica Vellinga, Michelle Vonanchen, Jared Walters,
Kristina White, Jericho Whiting, Amy Wignall,
Kyle Willard, Nicholle Williams, Jayne Ann Woolsey, KC Wright
We need to find these classmates ASAP if you have any information on any of them please leave a comment or e-mail us!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sad News

While calling to find classmates we found out some sad news. Our classmate, Brian Eggett, passed away in a hiking accident nearly 3 years ago. We want to extend our belated condolences to his family. If any of you would like to share pictures or memories of Brian please e-mail us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Good Ole Days

I thought it would be fun to post some old pictures.....little did I realize that I have no idea where all my pictures are! Here are some that I found. If anyone has more that they'd like to see on here please send them to the class e-mail!