Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wow, Who Knew!

Who knew it was so hard to send out a mass e-mail. I guess they are trying to protect us from all the spammers out there (which I totally appreciate), but come on! Does it really have to be impossible to send an e-mail out to more than 9 people at a time???? We ended up having to change our e-mail address yet again, because the Gmail account for some reason wouldn't send the message out at all. The new address is Sorry for the confusion and change. I am sure there was a way to get it to work, but since I am computer illiterate, it was easier to just open a new account.
So, this time we really did send an e-mail out. We have heard back form several of you, so we know that it did go out. If you didn't receive it please let us know so we can get your correct e-mail address. We had a list from the last reunion that had e-mails on it, but a lot of the addresses are not correct. If you didn't get the e-mail you can either leave a comment on here with your correct address, or you can leave an e-mail at
Thanks to all who have responded, and for all your offers to help. We will let you know what we need help with as it gets closer.

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