Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's All Over!

The reunion was great! Thanks to all those who came! For those of you who couldn't make it, you were missed! The food was great. The weather was perfect. We owe a BIG thank you to Olson's Garden Shoppe. It was the perfect location. (They were so generous and didn't charge us.)

We also need to thank Lisa Morrison Montague for the yummy chocolates and A Viking's Feast for the delicious food. Thanks Kari and Steph for your help with the games! A big thanks also to Marcie, Monica and Michelle for the cute table of memorabilia!

We began the night with the pasta bar that had about 30 different options to add and then was cooked right in front us. It was followed by some delicious desserts. Everyone seemed to love the chocolate cake and the carrot cake. After eating we played a Payson trivia game provided by Stephanie and then gave out a few awards. The following awards were given;

Jeremy Ewell, for coming the furthest (all the way from Pennsylvania!)
Lena Kroeber Barney, for having the oldest child (15 and a half!)
Darryl Holdaway, for losing the most hair AND having the newest baby (7 weeks)
Marcie Jolley Swenson, for having the most educations (she has several degrees and is currently in law school)
Janene Christensen Lay, Lena Kroeber Barney and Nellyn Garlick Burke, for having the most kids (they each have 5)

After the games we all just stayed and visited. Mark Jones planned an after party out at his home and many of the classmates joined him.

The Student Body Officers will be in charge of the next reunion. We will be passing everything on to them. They will keep the blog, facebook and e-mail account so stay in touch! See you in 5 years!

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